Monday, 5 October 2015

Queen Victoria School

Higher pupils at Queen Victoria School led the whole-school Morning Assembly and read poems in French, Spanish, Japanese and Russian. Stickers were given out to the whole school, and pupils were informed of the events running that day.

Classes in the MFL department centred around a Kahoot quiz, with lots of fun video clips to support it. One of the English teachers played a 'Guess the movie' by letting pupils hear a trailer in a foreign language, and in Maths, S1 played with The Cube and practised their Spanish numbers.

Staff decorated their classrooms and offices - the library won 1st prize for it's transformation into a snowy Finland! There was also a dress-up competition for staff, and pupils judged the best dressed.

The catering staff provided a French breakfast, Spanish lunch and Italian tea, and themed the dining hall to match the cuisine! There was a 'Surprise' Film screening of l'Arnacœur for a small group of senior girls after school on Tuesday.

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