Friday, 2 October 2015

Sgoil Phaibil

Sgoil Phaibil had a wonderful celebration of European Languages Day on Friday. Pupils took part in a range of engaging activities throughout the day and celebrated with great enthusiasm!

Children came to school dressed in an authentic European national costume.  All 28 European Union countries were well represented!

Our activities included:
  • European Union Mapping Skills
  • European Landmarks 
  • Gaelic Singing 
  • Famous European Artists
  • European Greetings
  • European National Dress Game

At lunch time all our pupils were encouraged to sample some delicious European dishes which had been prepared and donated by our local restaurants, Stepping Stone, Temple View, Langass Lodge, Hamersay House and Lochmaddy Hotel.  ‘Hamersay House Hotel’ were kind enough to send their Head Chef, Joe Sinclair, who served lunch to all of our pupils!

The dining hall was decorated with European flags and photographs of famous landmarks were displayed around the hall.  Some of the famous landmarks had been created earlier by our pupils using newspapers!     

The finale - ‘Les Trois Petit Couchons!’ 

The highlight of the day was when all pupils sang the well known fairy tale, ‘The Three Little Pigs’ in French to the tune of Lady Gaga’s song, Poker Face! 

Sarah Jane, Head Teacher of Sgoil Phaibil:

The European Languages Day is the ideal opportunity to promote and encourage the importance of language leaning, celebrate cultural diversity and above all teach our pupils how much fun learning a new language can be!

European Languages Day also allows us all to improve our understanding and appreciation of different cultures and customs.

All pupils received a European ‘goodie bag’ containing European items.

A fun and productive learning experience was had by all… including the staff!

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